About WAA

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WAA Fashion is a U.K based multi-brand platform and number one destination for stylish, chic and contemporary African-inspired fashion.  WAA, which stands for “WE ARE AFRICA”, defines the concept and the essence of inclusion that is in the heart of our company.  Hosting a variety but carefully curated African fashion brands from all over the continent, under one virtual roof and making them available at the click of a button across your mobile, tablet, desktop and delivered to your doorstep. We aim to offer you a seamless shopping experience for products that are strictly ‘Made in Africa’ and thereby celebrating the talent, the quality and the luxury within her shores. Whether you are shopping the WAA brand label or any of our other trusted African brands, quality and customer satisfaction is at the forefront.

At WAA Fashion we are fully committed to researching and bringing you fashion products that are unique and exclusive yet responsibly, sustainably, ethically sourced and produced using earth-friendly methods. We partner with artisan groups, cooperatives, small businesses and independent designers to design and produce high-end clothing and accessories, providing income and encouraging fair trade always.

Through our company, we give back and support charities working to eradicate poverty, providing safety, shelter, healthcare, education and training for women and girls in ecologically vulnerable regions, not only in Africa but the world over. A purchase from our platform helps provide at least one woman with the education or training she needs to create a sustainable livelihood to provide for her family, to give birth in a safe environment, or to escape domestic violence. It will protect at least one girl from abuse, or slavery or get her off the streets.

We Believe in Fashion As A Force For Good.

Company Registration Number- 11356934