Welcome to our Charities page and thank you for stopping by. Our commitment to using fashion as a force for good is unwavering and without condition. With your help and support, this year we will give 5% of our proceeds by way of assistance and to support these charities in the continuation and expansion of the work they do in the aid and protection of vulnerable women and children in Africa. Take a moment to read about their cause and their humanitarian efforts. Throughout the year, you will be keeping you informed and you will able to see how we are impacting on the projects. Keep a keen eye out on our Charities page and Blog for fundraising events and progress reports through-out the year.


KINDLE AFRICA work directly with vulnerable women and children in the slums of Nigeria, providing them welfare,education and hands-on skills to move from poverty to economic stability. For every purchase you make on our website, we are able offer assistance that is vital in the continuation of the invaluable work and efforts of the Makoko Project. Together, we are giving a child and his mother in the MAKOKO slum of Lagos access to education and the chance to a better life.


The MILA FOR AFRICA FOUNDATION supports orphans, vulnerable children and mothers in Guinea-Bissau, providing them with basic necessities of life that is otherwise unavailable within the communities; as well as assisting in the development and delivering of basic healthcare needs and education. When you shop with us, you will be supporting in our commitment to continue to provide the much-needed aid relief for the Orphanage and also our commitment to offer assistance in the development project of the very first maternity ward on Babaque Island. Thereby giving women a chance to deliver their babies in a safer environment and reducing the staggering mortality rate that currently exists.



If you are inspired by what you have read and will like to join us in supporting these charities, simply click on an amount you will like to donate and 100% of your donations will go to both charities except you specify a particular charity you want to support.  Your donations will go a long way in helping to fight against poverty, educate more children, provide better healthcare services and offer a safe environment for children to grow. For more information on how your donations are utilised or to find out about how you can support in other ways apart from monetary donations, please contact