WAA Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to the ethical and sustainable fashion movement and WAA FASHION is helping to shape and transform how fashion impacts on people and our planet. We are but a tiny drop in a mighty ocean but we believe if we are determined enough, work together with people of like minds, take some brave steps, continue to challenge and to ask questions and truly embrace the mindset of “giving-back from whence we take”, we will be part of making our planet a safe and better place to live in. At WAA, we are using FASHION as a force for GOOD.

Corporate Responsibility at WAA FASHION involves keeping a keen eye on the environmental and social impacts of the operations and products supplied to us from our partnering designers while ensuring that fair trade standards are upheld at all times.

Giving back to the community is an important part of any corporate responsibility programme. For that reason, our focus yet lies on how we can use our sales to impact and improve the lives of women and children around the world through the work carried out by our trusted affiliate charities. We have pledge 5% of our annual profits to support our charities and their causes and also helping raise money through charity programmes and events throughout the year. Therefore, for every purchase you make on www.waafashion.com or for every one of our charity and fashion events you attend, you are sowing a seed that will help sustain and shape the future of a woman or a child somewhere in the world. Shopping with is consciously giving back and we will pay it forward.

Please read more about the charities we support here

You may also wish to join us in supporting these worthy causes by way of monetary donations of which 100% of funds raised will be passed on to the charities. Please donate here